Original Fake


Unique Piece

Release Year // 2018

Size // 135x135cm // 53x53 Inches

Material // Acrylic on Canvas

Authentic Jay-C
The artist working under the pseudonym “Jay-C” has been into arts since his early childhood. Colourful and full of expression! The playful composition of his pieces carries us off into a time travel. Depicting stereotypes of our modern society with his fine British sense of humour, he makes us question social stereotypes with his playful work. His art has been collected by hedge funds, exchanges, CEO's and influencers. Having had his first solo exhibition in 2018, in the same year he did a collaboration with BOconcept on their iconic Imola chair, which was then sold for charity, raising awareness for the homeless. he has exhibited in various galleries and group shows in Munich, St. Moritz, London and Geneva.

That makes this Art special

Individuell produced

Gallery quality

Long resistence

Easy to clean

All limited pieces

Secure shipping

Stunning designs

Made in Germany

Excellent choice!